Optimised Trading

In today's highly competitive world, buy-side firms have become far more discerning about their choice of sell-side brokers. Consequently, those brokers that are able to clearly demonstrate their value and expertise will be the clear winners in the marketplace.

Fidessa’s Optimised Trading initiative is designed to empower brokers, and in particular the ‘super sales trader’ of today, with the tools they need to demonstrate real value and relevance to their clients. Fully integrated within the Fidessa OMS, these tools deepen the discussions and communications that brokers can have with their clients, and so improve the level of customer service that they are able to deliver.

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Order Performance Monitor

Fidessa’s Order Performance Monitor (OPM) allows users to monitor all live orders simultaneously and identify any outliers in real time. OPM looks across a multitude of order parameters and serves as a real-time early warning system for any orders that look set to underperform. OPM then uses a proprietary scoring methodology that is specifically designed to identify outliers. Traders can use these scores to set thresholds that trigger alerts, so allowing them to take remedial action where necessary, in collaboration with their client, in order to achieve their stated objectives.

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Order Performance Monitor


OTAS Market Analytics

Fidessa’s OTAS Market Analytics provides traders with a range of unique market analysis tools that offer key insights into live trading conditions. This includes detailed market micro-structure analysis and the ability to drill down and understand why their orders are trading the way they are, as well as what factors might be influencing them. Powerful visualisation capabilities deliver immediate access to a distilled snapshot view of the key market moving factors related to a specific instrument. Traders can quickly understand the recent and historical factors and events that are influencing today’s trading conditions and outcomes. Traders can access live micro-structure alerts from OTAS delivered directly into key Fidessa grids.

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Fidessa Intelligence


Fidessa Prospector monitors both live and historical client trading activity, client 'watch lists', shareholdings data and traders' interests to quickly uncover potential trading and crossing opportunities within a broker’s OMS. Prospector empowers sales traders by enabling them to answer the questions:

  • Who do I call right now? Determine which clients should be contacted when liquidity matches are identified
  • What do I say? Provide more granular data about matches so sales traders can quickly identify why a particular match is important to their client
  • Who do I call next?

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For further information email Prospector@fidessa.com.

Fidessa Intelligence

Fidessa Post-trade Intelligence

Fidessa Post-trade Intelligence brings independent analysis of execution quality for equities trading, especially useful for those firms that have outsourced the execution function to third party brokers. A series of reports allow users to demonstrate to themselves, to their clients and to the regulators the effectiveness of their overall execution services.

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