Orders and Trading

Buy-side dealing desks worldwide are relentlessly pursuing the twin goals of best execution and maximum efficiency. Firms that can take advantage of new markets and leverage new venues whilst demonstrating tight operational controls bring the greatest value to the investor.

Fidessa Buy-side - Order Trading

Efficiency is best achieved by implementing a consistent, integrated workflow across all asset classes and regions. Minerva Order Management delivers powerful and consistent functionality across all asset classes that maximises return while enforcing discipline. Minerva supports 24-hour trading across multiple regions with a centralised book, and can accommodate the most demanding and sophisticated workflow requirements on a desk-by-desk basis.

Minerva features integrated compliance, adroit management of programs, characteristic orders, contingencies and lots, and configurable allocation algorithms. Traders can manage complex commissions and take advantage of global liquidity access either through direct broker or via ECNs, SEFs, MTFs and the latest crossing networks. Minerva's open design and flexible integration toolkit ensures that all of the firm's related systems and data can be leveraged to maximum effect.

With Minerva Execution Management, traders can leverage real-time market data, broker research, pre- and post-trade analytics, news, charting and IOIs to achieve best execution across multiple asset classes and a range of trading styles. Minerva Connectivity provides managed, maintenance-free access to an extensive universe of broker algos, trading venues, and ATSs. Firms seek to implement structure and discipline across trading operations, and the Direct Auction Information Service (DAIS) enables them to bring accuracy and auditability to a wide range of transactions.