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June 2018

Buy versus Build - Part 3: Solving the 'who's in control' conundrum

Without the right pedigree in performance, resilience and delivery, 3rd party suppliers will always struggle to convince large banks that they can play a central role in provisioning their trading platforms.

But with a vendor that can satisfy all these hygiene factors, banks can use the build AND buy model as a source of real and sustainable competitive edge without losing control of their technology.

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June 2018

Buy versus Build - Part 2: Not all vendors are the same - old and new challenges

With many firms in the global equities space spending 75% of their IT budget simply maintaining legacy systems the traditional 'build only' approach to their global equities trading technology is becoming increasingly hard to justify.

What's needed is a new approach that combines 'build and buy' to allow these firms to dial in just the right blend of in-house created IP and 3rd party heavy lifting.

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May 2018

Buy versus Build - Part 1: Rebalancing the Paradigm for Global Equities Technology

It's time for a re-think if banks are to get the best out of the technology that underpins their global equities trading.

Despite the billions of dollars involved, many top tier equities trading businesses are having something of an identity crisis. Trading volumes have been flattening since the global financial crisis and the correlation between risk and volatility seems to be breaking down.

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