People and workplace policy

Fidessa recognises that a business is only as good as its people and that in order to continue to provide and build on the high quality products and services we need highly engaged employees. Therefore we strive to provide a positive and engaging work environment for all of our employees.

For example we:

  • reward and recognise contribution to our success
  • provide good conditions of employment for our employees
  • ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees in the workplace
  • incorporate environmental issues into employee health and safety training
  • provide a culture of fairness, respect and equal opportunities 
  • take an active approach to our employees’ development through a wide range of training resources
  • recognise and acknowledge loyalty and teamwork

We monitor and improve where we can to:

  • continually improve and monitor performance in areas that would affect our people and the workplace
  • increase employee awareness through training
  • involve staff in the implementation of this policy for greater commitment and improved performance
  • maintain this policy on a regular basis in consultation with stakeholders where necessary