Fidessa’s Hedge Management Technology

Global commodity trading firms are feeling the pain of inefficiency and the pinch of higher execution costs. Watch the video to see how Fidessa’s Hedge Management Technology is helping to solve these problems.

Published: 3rd July, 2018


Fidessa on: Equities - Episode 4

Episode 4 of this series looks at Fidessa Prospector, a new liquidity tool that empowers traders with the information they need to uncover trading and crossing opportunities and act fast.
Published: 8th March, 2016


Fidessa on: Equities - Episode 3

Episode 3 of this series looks at the Fidessa Partnership Program which enables selected third parties to integrate their services directly into Fidessa's global trading workflow platform.
Published: 22nd September, 2015


Fidessa on: Equities - Episode 2

Episode 2 of this series looks at optimized trading and discusses how brokers can demonstrate their real value in a highly competitive marketplace.
Published: 28th July, 2015


Fidessa on: Equities - Episode 1

The first episode of this series looks at the shape of the equities marketplace today and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.
Published: 14th July, 2015


Facing Off to Big Data

Our latest FidessaVision episode explores the relationship between financial markets and Big Data.
Published: 29th April, 2015


An eye on the 'new normal'

Our latest video looks at the key trends that characterise the ‘new normal’ in financial markets and how the most innovative firms are already adapting.
Published: 17th June, 2014


FIA InfoNet

Steve Grob interviewed at FIA InfoNet about the impact of MiFID II on the derivatives industry.
Published: 12th June, 2014


FragVision Episode 7

In defence of derivatives
Looking at the common misconceptions about the derivatives industry and the likely impact of some of the new regulations that it is having to get to grips with.
Published: 2nd October, 2012


FragVision Episode 6

A night at the museum
Examining how the sell-side is adapting to the new market conditions it faces.
Published: 28th May, 2012


FragVision Episode 5

The changing face of Asian markets
Featuring a discussion with Stephen Edge, Principal of Asia Etrading, about the key issues affecting Asian markets.
Published: 10th January, 2012


FragVision Episode 4

The R word
Looking at the R word - Regulation. Pretty much whatever your role in financial markets these days you will be faced with a wall of regulatory noise that needs to be interpreted and acted upon.
Published: 7th July, 2011


FragVision Episode 3

Best execution: fact or fiction?
Exploring how continuing fragmentation of the world's capital markets is affecting the buy-side.
Published: 21st June, 2011


FragVision Episode 2

Feeding frenzy
Examining the commercial logic behind the slew of exchange merger announcements.
Published: 1st March, 2011


FragVision Episode 1

Welcome to FragVision
Assessing the conflicting claims around High Frequency Trading (HFT) - the scourge of capital markets or the next evolution of finance?
Published: 4th February, 2011


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