The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) set the accessibility standards and guidelines to ensure websites content is more accessible to all user groups, whatever limitations they may suffer from.

Fidessa is compliant with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) having developed a website accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly.

The Fidessa site has been configured as barrier-free, for those who are visually impaired; in most of its pages non-textual content has been replaced with ALT tags.

The facility to change the font size of the text in the web pages has been provided by adding a hyperlink in the menu. Therefore, the user has the option to view in different font sizes.

For colour blind users, the site font and background colour combinations have been checked in order to present a more readable view and therefore make all the pages consistent displaying white text on dark backgrounds.

For higher legibility of documents on screen, the site is adjustable for different screen resolutions to verify that horizontal scrolling is not required.

For users with physical disabilities, the site enables moving forward between links using the tab key, clearly indicating what each one leads to.