Electronic execution

Fully-managed electronic execution solutions.

Fidessa's Electronic Execution platform provides a range of fully managed, broker neutral services to help you access global markets faster and cheaper than ever before. As high-speed systems become commonplace, low-latency trading has transitioned from an important differentiator to a commoditised service. As a result, firms are reducing costs by outsourcing their market gateways and connectivity to free up resources and focus on innovation and strategic business growth.

Fidessa's electronic execution platform (XTP)


Additional key benefits include:

  • Global connectivity - as part of Fidessa's vast infrastructure your firm has access to comprehensive market coverage.
  • Operational efficiency - built in latency monitoring and KPI reporting drives continual improvement.
  • Consolidated infrastructure - easily integrate with Fidessa's OMS and existing high-touch systems.

Execution tools

Sophisticated trading tools for members and non-members provide a comprehensive, consolidated view of markets and allow you to work your orders and manage your executions across global markets with ease.

Our Smart Order Routing (SOR) and SmartCrossing services facilitate higher fill rates and better execution, along with Intelligent internalisation of order flow to maximise margins.

A range of synthetic order types to simplify global trading provide a common, normalised environment – e.g. support for "market on open" orders across all markets regardless of whether that order type exists natively.

Electronic Execution


Our dedicated, proximity hosted, low-latency gateways provide direct access to 210 markets globally, including message conversion, validation and risk checks. All systems are completely resilient to single-points-of-failure and offer extensive tools for monitoring, maintaining and interacting with orders.

An integrated FIX handler means your clients can connect directly to these high-speed gateways. All orders are copied asynchronously to a Fidessa OMS backbone to ensure seamless settlement and clearing without impacting time-to-market.

Algorithmic development infrastructure

Our global infrastructure provides a library of core off-the-shelf algos along with a range of powerful functions, such as high-level algorithmic business libraries, session information and analytics, from the Fidessa ticker plants, as well as our multi-asset volume profile servers.

The integrated environment also allows you to quickly develop, test and deploy a range of bespoke algorithms. A full market simulation package allows you to test your models against real market data and our dedicated consultancy team are on hand to lend their experience.