Market data services

Knowledge is power and our market data services are tuned for trading, powering the buy-side and sell-side throughout the trading life cycle.

Aggregated and normalised reference, price and news feeds deliver a highly cost effective data solution, so you can get the information you want, when you want it and in exactly the format you need, including:

  • Full depth, real-time market prices
  • Comprehensive news from Dow Jones
  • Company fundamentals
  • Foreign exchange & money markets rates 

We provide access to historical data too, along with a suite of analysis tools, such as time and sales displays and charting.   

Built for the demanding needs of the trading community, we help you analyse and navigate the changing landscape via our customised virtual market displays and consolidated data feeds that enable you seek out liquidity in this increasingly fragmented world.

Ground-breaking tools, such as the Fidessa Fragmentation Index (FFI) and Fragulator® give you the power to search and analyse billions of records in seconds and provide a unique insight to ensure you know exactly what’s going on in the marketplace.

Trusted by hundreds of clients and thousands of users, our fully integrated market data powers their systems and gives them all they need to analyse and trade global markets.

Market data