Connectivity network and management

Complex connectivity

Getting connected

Multi-version FIX to FIX connectivity.

Links to all leading third party order routing networks.

Multiple telco options from Internet to dedicated lines.

Network architecture

High capacity message handling - over 730m messages per month.

Full resilience built in with automatic failover.

Managed client certification and implementation service.

Global support desk.

Network services

FIX session configuration and management.

Field and data mapping, symbology translation and support for FIX expressions.

Reduced validation service available.

Global smart order routing.

Connectivity management

Applications to assist in the management of your global connectivity.

Online requests for connections.

Live summary of connections and executed order flow.

Intelligent routing, manipulation and enrichment of messages.

Full visibility of session status, current and historic messages.

Ability to manage connectivity to the Fidessa network and direct FIX connections from one application.