Investment Decision

Fidessa solutions enable fast-paced analysis built on trustworthy data, so the best decision makers can turn rapid change to advantage. Winning strategies are often the result of agile, creative analysis in the midst of a volatile landscape. Nevertheless, those decisions depend upon the completeness, the timeliness and the accuracy of the data upon which they are based.

Fidessa Buy-side - Investment Decision

In formulating decisions, we understand that fund managers frequently propose, test and discard a variety of scenarios in search of the optimal choice. They are concerned with risk and return, cash flow, implications of scale and of course, compliance. Portfolio Studio supports rapid, iterative modelling, look-throughs, sophisticated order generation and fully-integrated compliance checking.

Critical investment decisions must reflect the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information. Events such as subscriptions, corporate actions and rate resets comingle with transactions to create a complex landscape from which 'true' positions must be drawn. Position Dynamics addresses this requirement by processing a continuous stream of transactions and operational events to arrive at a single, common position for all front office applications.


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