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Fidessa systems are trusted because they work, and - just as important - they work together. We understand what the buy-side needs and what the sell-side wants and our solutions span every possible aspect of the trading and investment process.

For the buy-side

Fidessa’s solutions manage the entire investment lifecycle, making it easier to select assets and track your portfolio, easier to fulfil your compliance requirements and quicker and cheaper to trade.

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For the sell-side

Quicker, easier, more automated – Fidessa's solutions manage the entire trading life cycle from end to end, and can be packaged to suit you, whatever the size of your operation, wherever you are, and whatever you trade.

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Global connectivity

All the right connections - trade what you want, where and when you want, with counterparties from across the world.

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Market data

Knowledge is power and our market data is tuned for trading, powering the buy-side and sell-side throughout the trading life cycle.

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