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White Papers 02/12
Beauty and the Best - the perils and opportunities of Best Execution in a multi-market structure

The third in Fidessa's series of white papers on Australia examines how the new Best Execution battleground might play out.

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White Papers 10/11
Stuck in the Middle with You? A look at the future for brokers in Australia's new trading landscape

The second in Fidessa's series of white papers exploring the impact of multi-market equities trading in Australia, following changes to its market integrity legislation

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White Papers 10/11
Building profit from analytics

Understanding trader and customer activity to improve margins and develop new business.

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White Papers 10/11
The move to internalisation in Europe

With MiFID II in the pipeline and greater regulatory focus on the transparency and trade reporting of OTC and internal flow, Ian Salmon, head of enterprise business development at Fidessa, looks at the challenges faced by existing dark pool operators and asks whether internalisation is solely the preserve of the biggest players.

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White Papers 10/11
Aussie rules - The new trading landscape

The New Trading Landscape for Australian Equities.

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White Papers 06/10
New Options for Options

How brokers can harness the complexities of the US options markets and satisfy expanding client demands.

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White Papers 06/10
The Development of Trading Technology for Latin America

Increasing political stability, greater levels of consumer affluence and international interest in the potential value of its natural resources and commodities are placing the countries of Latin America (LATAM) on the trading map. Research from Kimsey Consulting has shown that between 2009 and 2012, the region can expect the largest global increase in firms with trading operations, on both the buy-side and sell-side. Of course, the relative lack of development in the LATAM financial markets to date, as compared to North America and Europe, highlights why there is proportionally such a potential for growth.

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White Papers 06/10
Pre-trade risk - Consolidation in a fragmented world

David Polen, director of US sell-side product marketing for Fidessa, looks at how recent market trends highlight the need for US brokers to closely manage their pre-trade risk, and why that pre-trade risk management must be both consolidated and

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White Papers 03/09
Asian ILA - A fragmented future

When it comes to fragmentation, the picture in Asia is far from simple. With a huge disparity of pan-regional cultures, economies and regulatory environments, there are a plethora of obstacles facing alternative trading venues in the region. David Jenkins, Regional Business.

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White Papers 09/08
The Demands of Derivatives - OTC Instruments and Buy-Side Technology

The last few years have seen a significant surge in popularity for derivatives. Where once they were found primarily in the portfolios of a few, select hedge funds, they are now widely adopted by more mainstream investors.

Published: Institutional Investor - A Guide To Multi-Asset Trading Strategies, Fall 2008

The Demands of Derivatives - OTC Instruments and Buy-Side Technology