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White Papers 09/15
Innovation Ecosystems: Unlocking real value through fintech innovation

This paper looks at two different types of innovation that are emerging within the buy-side and the sell-side and what is required for them to be truly disruptive.

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White Papers 07/15
Optimized Trading: Empowering the trader in an automated world

This paper examines the challenges brokers face in achieving optimal trading outcomes in a highly competitive marketplace where execution prowess is a key differentiator.

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White Papers 07/15
What you see is not what you get: The challenge of truly ‘smart’ order routing

This paper lifts the lid on the real challenges firms face in achieving truly 'smart' order routing in today's ever-changing multi-market landscape and asserts that the SOR can add real value to the execution service for those that can understand the reliability of the data available and analyse market trends and microstructure.

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White Papers 06/15
Lies, Damned Lies and IOIs?

This paper examines the issues surrounding IOIs and looks at some of the new approaches emerging in an effort to restore confidence in their use.

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White Papers 06/15
Made to Measure: Transparency of execution in futures

Demand for greater transparency of execution in futures is increasing in line with the growing adoption of algorithms. This article asserts that measurement of their effectiveness must be just as carefully tailored as the algos themselves to the unique requirements of the global futures markets.

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White Papers 03/15
Shifting sands – the harsh realities of executing in today's markets

This paper explores how the electronic execution landscape has evolved over the last 10 years and discusses the challenges that now exist for brokers wanting to trade across global markets.

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White Papers 12/14
Middle Men – the new aces in the derivatives deck

In this article we examine the issues that plague derivatives middle office and look at how these can be addressed.

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Articles 10/14
Middle office takes centre stage

Our latest paper examines the reasons why the derivatives industry lags behind its equity counterparts in terms of operational efficiency.

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White Papers 08/14
The Rise of the Asian Superbroker

As the global banks grapple with tides of regulation, fines, and a myriad of other post-crisis issues, local Asian institutions are tooling up and stepping in to fill the gaps.

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White Papers 07/14
A Revolution in Post-trade: Defining a new approach for buy-side post-trade workflow

This paper examines the challenges financial market participants are facing in post-trade and examines some of the innovative approaches firms are taking to revolutionise post-trade workflow for the buy-side.

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