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September 2016
White papers

Key to the Highway: The changing face of high and low touch execution

This paper looks at the ways in which high and low touch trading are adapting to meet the realities of trading in capital markets today. It outlines why the either/or approach of low and high touch is simply too crude a reflection of the requirements of the buy-side today and argues that what is needed instead is a more nuanced, converged approach that leverages technology where it is common to both and yet still empowers the different activities required.


September 2016
White papers

Unbundling: Picking the right option

Exploring the alternative approaches that have been defined to meet the requirements of MiFID II's unbundling rules.


May 2016

East meets West - Chinese brokers continue international expansion

Examining the continuing expansion of Chinese brokers into international markets and the impact on the global financial landscape. 


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