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September 2018
White papers

Post-trade ETD: Where all the sticking plaster got used!

Examining the pain points in post-trade exchange-traded derivatives workflows and the options available to the industry to overcome them.

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July 2018

Buy versus Build Part 6: Agility is the key

Product evolution is a fundamental part of a vendor’s value proposition, but it's not just about building new code. The product must fully meet the bank's requirement and evolve in line with industry change.

The final part in this series explores how the buy and build model can be optimised to enable large banks to focus on vital differentiation while leaving the delivery and heavy lifting to others.

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July 2018

Buy versus Build Part 5: Integration and data access

An effective approach to combining multiple data sources is becoming a vital source of competitive edge for equity trading firms operating in an increasingly digitised world.

Part 5 of this series explores the ways in which these firms can derive timely and actionable intelligence from the data available across multiple systems, whether built or bought.

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