ABN Amro Goes Global With LatentZero

London, 23rd August 2004 - ABN AMRO asset management (AAAM), one of the world's leading asset managers, with around €166 billion assets under management, is set to use all three elements of LatentZero's front-office software suite, Capstone, to help build a new global front-office systems infrastructure.

AAAM has been using Sentinel, LatentZero's pre-and post-trade compliance product, and Minerva, its order management and trading system, across Europe since early 2002. AAAM now plans a world-wide roll out of the software.

As part of the Minerva implementation, LatentZero formed a development partnership with AAAM which introduced Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Money Market trading functionality into the product. These enhancements were designed to benefit all LatentZero users and have subsequently been incorporated into Minerva.

In addition to Sentinel and Minerva, AAAM has just signed an order for the third element of Capstone - Tesseract, a tool for decision support and order management.

LatentZero's software will form an integral part of AAAM's new standard global front-office infrastructure and provide seamless communication with AAAM's back-office technology.

"We have been working with LatentZero for over three years and have been impressed with their technology and people," comments Wayne Dove, Global Head of IT for AAAM. "So they were the obvious choice to help us run the front-office on a global basis."

"The product set is already being used successfully by a number of large asset managers who are facing similar challenges to ourselves, it easily integrates with other parts of our infrastructure, and, in addition, LatentZero's people have a great deal of experience in handling complex global implementations," added Bert Schouws, Global CFO for AAAM.

"We already have a large proportion of the world's biggest asset managers on our client list and are delighted that AAAM has also chosen to use LatentZero's technology across its global operations," commented Paul Charie, Sales Director of LatentZero. "Our software enables international asset management companies to drive up the quality of service they provide their clients, and at the same time, satisfy the regulators that they have watertight processes and fully integrated systems across all key functions."

About LatentZero

LatentZero is a global technology firm specializing in front office solutions for the buy-side community. LatentZero provides expert assistance with product implementation, technical integration, business and workflow review, consulting and training for its Capstone product suite.

About Capstone

Each component of Capstone works seamlessly with each other, but also can be implemented separately as part of a best-of-class approach. The components are: Tesseract, a portfolio manager decision support and order generation tool; Minerva, an order management and trading system; and Sentinel, which monitors the entire process for compliance and includes libraries of rules of all the major regulatory bodies across the globe. The LatentZero technical architecture is high performance and state-of-the-art. It is 24x7, flexible, open and scalable. It works seamlessly with any other front, middle or back office technology and significantly differentiates LatentZero from its competitors.

About ABN Amro

ABN AMRO Asset Management is the separately organized investment management business of ABN AMRO Bank. With history dating back to 1824, ABN AMRO Bank is among the 10 largest banks in the world and ranks among the biggest 5 European banks. ABN AMRO has more than 3,400 branches in over 50 countries and regions, with strong regional networks throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. ABN AMRO's position in 'Euroland' is unrivalled by any other financial institution. The Bank holds a position of financial strength and stability, with about USD 500 billion in capital, over 100,000 employees world-wide and an AA credit rating.