Morley Fund Management Chooses LatentZero's Capstone

London, 27th July 2004 - Morley Fund Management, one of the UK's largest fund managers, with over £111.1 billion under management, is set to use LatentZero's complete front office suite, Capstone, throughout its global operation.

Capstone is made up of: Tesseract, LatentZero's decision support and order generation solution; Minerva, its order management and trading system; and Sentinel, its pre and post trade compliance product.

Morley will roll out Capstone to the Fixed Income function during 2004. This will be followed by deployment across the Equity, Money Market and Treasury functions. Once the implementation is complete, Morley will have 200 Capstone users world-wide.

"The LatentZero system is fully scalable and provides us with a robust infrastructure to support further business growth," commented Duncan Avery, Head of Business Systems at Morley. "As a global business it was important for us to have a solution with a common front end and real-time 24x7 global trading and portfolio management. Equally important, was the fact that with LatentZero we have access to a single-point for local support around the world and exposure to business and technology experts in all areas of front office trading."

As part of the project, LatentZero is working with a team from Morley to enhance the Tesseract module. The enhancement will allow the system to provide fund managers with performance contributions at the holding level or rolled up by any analysis category. In addition, Tesseract will provide analysis for individual trading decisions alongside its full order generation features.

"The additional performance contribution analysis will allow fund managers to monitor which bets are adding to outperformance," said Paul Charie, Sales Director of LatentZero.

About LatentZero
LatentZero is a global technology firm specializing in front office solutions for the buy-side community. LatentZero provides expert assistance with product implementation, technical integration, business and workflow review, consulting and training for its Capstone product suite.

About Capstone
Each component of Capstone works seamlessly with each other, but also can be implemented separately as part of a best-of-class approach. The components are: Tesseract, a portfolio manager decision support and order generation tool; Minerva, an order management and trading system; and Sentinel, which monitors the entire process for compliance and includes libraries of rules of all the major regulatory bodies across the globe. The LatentZero technical architecture is high performance and state-of-the-art. It is 24x7, flexible, open and scalable. It works seamlessly with any other front, middle or back office technology and significantly differentiates LatentZero from its competitors.

Morley Fund Management
Morley Fund Management ('Morley') is an independently managed, London based, asset management business with over £111.1 billion* under management. It actively manages a diverse range of asset classes and employs in the region of 900 staff worldwide based in London, Singapore and an associate office in Boston**.

Morley is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aviva Group and manages both institutional and retail funds under the Morley brand. It also acts as investment manager for a range of retail investment funds, marketed in the UK by Norwich Union, and international funds marketed under the Aviva Funds brand.

*as at 31 December 2003, not including mortgage assets
**MFM International Limited, an Aviva company