Insight Opts For LatentZero Front Office Technology

London, 9th April 2003 - Insight Investment, the asset manager of HBOS plc, is introducing LatentZero's complete front office suite throughout its operation.

The decision follows Insight's acquisition of Rothschild Asset Management (RAM), which had been using Sentinel, LatentZero's pre-and post-trade compliance solution, and Minerva, its global order management system. RAM had recently also taken on Tesseract, LatentZero's decision support and order generation product.

"Insight were impressed with RAM's implementation of the LatentZero suite of applications," said Stewart Norwood, head of IT at Insight.

"We looked at LatentZero's complete front office solution and concluded that we should extend the existing use of the applications to cover the combined set of assets. The technology is robust and scalable and suits our needs both now and in the future."

Insight is planning a phased introduction of the LatentZero suite over the next 12 months. The first implementation will involve equity trading on Minerva and the introduction of Sentinel for all asset classes. This will be followed by extending Minerva to fixed income, before work starts on Tesseract in the autumn of 2003.

"LatentZero was used effectively in a complex business at RAM which involved the management of segregated funds from many different areas of the world," said Paul Charie, Sales and Marketing Director at LatentZero. "This gave Insight the confidence that the technology could be used to support a much bigger operation. With the consolidation that is now going on in the asset management industry all over the world, the need for reliable, fully scalable technology across the whole of the front office is of paramount importance."

About LatentZero

LatentZero is an international business specialising in front office portfolio management, trading and compliance products for asset management companies, custodians and central banks. All LatentZero products are cross asset-class, supporting equity, fixed income, derivatives and currency functionality.

- Tesseract is a sophisticated decision support tool that enables the portfolio manager to model and analyse portfolios, create 'what ifs' and automatically generate orders.
- Minerva is a global order management and trading system. It offers full FIX (Financial Information eXchange) support and easy integration with exchanges, ECNs and various liquidity sources.
- Sentinel is the pre-trade and post-trade compliance system that checks for breaches of client, company and regulatory rules. Sentinel can manage complex portfolios with a wide range of instruments. Its rule libraries cover every major regulator.

These products can be implemented as a single front office solution, or individually, as part of a 'best in class' approach.

The LatentZero technical architecture is high performance and state-of-the-art. It is 24x7, flexible, open and scalable. It works seamlessly with any other front, middle or back office technology and significantly differentiates LatentZero from its competitors.

LatentZero has offices in Boston, New York and London. Its products are used a wide range of buy-side organisations, including 5 of the 10 largest Investment Managers.