Fidessa LatentZero™ Highly Commended in The Banker Awards

London, 5th June 2007 - Fidessa LatentZero, the world's leading innovator in front office software for the asset management industry, has been recognised by The Banker magazine for developments to Capstone, its front-office suite of products for the buy-side.

"The Banker highlighted two key innovations to the Capstone suite that have been developed over the last twelve months: Capstone EMS and Capstone Derivatives."

"Capstone Derivatives is an overlay module that provides integrated cash and derivatives position management, trade capture, pricing and lifecycle management for OTC derivatives"

Capstone EMS is a fully integrated EMS trading module designed for asset managers. The new system means that buy-side traders no longer need to stage orders to third party EMSs, manage orders in two or more separate systems, or be hampered by inefficient, error-prone workflow.

The Banker magazine commended the Capstone suite by saying: "So many firms talk about multi-asset class functionality, but Capstone demonstrated a true ability to achieve this. Together with enhancements to the Minerva OMS it provides a fully integrated order management/execution management system for the buy-side."

Richard Jones, CEO of Fidessa LatentZero says: "We're delighted that our innovation has been recognised by The Banker. Of course, our clients have always benefited from the fact that our technology is way ahead of the game and we work very hard to make sure its stays there."

Jones continues: "Capstone Derivatives enables investment managers who are increasingly looking to broaden sources of return, to use OTC derivatives effectively in their portfolios. And we expect EMS functionality to become a standard and necessary feature of an OMS very rapidly."

Fidessa LatentZero's customers can choose to implement Capstone as a single, complete front-office product or select any combination of its component applications. These include: Tesseract, for portfolio analysis, scenario modeling and order generation; Minerva, for order and execution management and trading; and Sentinel for pre and post-trade investment compliance.

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