Fidessa LatentZero Is the Most Innovative OMS - Minerva Wins Financial-i Awards

London, 5th December 2007 - Fidessa LatentZero's OMS Capstone Minerva has taken a top prize in the Financial I 'Leaders in Innovation' Awards. A panel of independent industry experts assessed all the OMSs on the market and concluded that Fidessa LatentZero has shown an ongoing commitment to innovation that has significantly benefited clients.

"We are delighted to be recognised for our innovation and the positive impact our technology has on our clients' businesses. We particularly value the Financial-I awards as they are based on independent research and judged by an advisory board made up of journalists, analysts and other industry thought leaders," comments Richard Jones, CEO of Fidessa LatentZero. "Capstone Minerva is one of the very few buy-side OMSs that genuinely provides full cross-asset functionality for equities, fixed income, money markets, listed and OTC derivatives, and FX. The system, which is used globally by several of the world's largest asset managers through to hedge funds, has a strong history of product investment and innovation."

Minerva was the first OMS to introduce comprehensive OTC derivatives support and, early in 2007, fully integrated EMS functionality was launched after a two-year development program, creating the market's first order and execution management system (OEMS).

"The new EMS capability complements Minerva's existing strengths in portfolio analysis, order generation, end-to-end investment compliance and order management. Buy-side traders no longer need to stage orders to third-party EMSs or manage orders in two or more separate systems, minimising workflow error and improving usability," continues Jones. "A key strength of Minerva is its message-based technical architecture, which enables global multi-site deployment from a single central installation, with real-time screen updates and support for the high transaction throughput and market data volumes now required with the increased use of algorithmic trading and DMA. One large customer regularly processes a million fills and 40,000 trades a day."

In addition to the ground breaking OEMS, other Minerva innovations delivered in 2007 include the launch of the Fidessa LatentZero Trading Network which provides out-of-the-box connectivity, reducing time to market and set up costs for customers. In addition, specific hedge fund functionality has been developed - real-time position keeping, exposure and P&L by fund, strategy and sub strategy is now available for cross-asset class holdings including pricing and exposure calculations for a wide range of OTC derivatives.

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