BNP PARIBAS FIN'AMS successfully goes live with Minerva OEMS from Fidessa LatentZero

Paris, 4th August 2009: BNP PARIBAS FIN'AMS, the buy-side dealing desk of the BNP PARIBAS group, has successfully gone live with Fidessa LatentZero's Order and Execution Management System, Minerva OEMS.

Franck Chatillon, FIN'AMS CEO explains: "Within the scope of our multi-asset class dealing activity, we wanted and needed to implement a single platform that enabled us to collect and manage any type of orders (retail or institutional flows), from any source, (interface to 10 portfolio systems), and across every asset class (equities, fixed income, forex, derivatives). Furthermore, it was vital for us to be connected to all of our brokers, counterparties and major liquidity venues for real-time electronic trading via FIX. Following a detailed evaluation process of a number of leading vendors, we decided to go with Minerva OEMS, fully integrated with the managed LatentZero FIX Trading Network. Our customers will benefit from this new infrastructure; while they concentrate on their core business, FIN'AMS will provide them with the best access to liquidity and a large range of execution modes."

Richard Jones, CEO of Fidessa LatentZero, said: "We are delighted that BNP PARIBAS FIN'AMS, one of the biggest buy-side dealing desks in Europe has chosen Fidessa LatentZero's front office platform to run its operations. In an increasingly complex financial world, Fidessa LatentZero is fully dedicated to continuous investment in our products and services across all asset classes. As a result of our long-term commitment, we have become a market leader in continental Europe, and in France in particular".

In the coming months, BNP PARIBAS FIN'AMS will roll-out the platform for all asset classes, and will deploy Minerva OEMS across its UK, US and Asian sites. Minerva OEMS provides a complete full asset class order management and trading environment for the buy-side. It includes real-time position keeping and P&L, portfolio analysis and drill down, order management workflows, and pre and post trade investment compliance, and meets the demands of global regulators and directives. Support is provided for equities, fixed income, money markets, foreign exchange and listed and OTC (credit and equity) derivatives.


BNP PARIBAS FIN'AMS is a 100% BNP Paribas Group owned subsidiary. It was created in 2005 for the purpose of offering multi-asset classes dealing, securities lending and equity swaps for buy-side internal (BNP Paribas) and external clients (Asset Managers, Private Banks, Insurance Companies).

Faced to liquidity fragmentation, increasing regulatory constraints (MiFID) and significant fixed dealing costs, buy-side firms leverage on BNP Paribas FIN'AMS leading market expertise to drive performance and focus on their core business. BNP Paribas FIN'AMS provides state-of-the-art dealing services to create value for its clients: optimised brokers relations, Best Execution and TCA management, customized reporting, CSA management, market notes...

Benefiting from BNP Paribas / Fortis IM global operation, BNP Paribas FIN'AMS will become the largest buy-side dealing desk in Europe, with more than 60 dealers operating trough Europe, US and Asia platform.

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