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July 2015
White papers

Optimized Trading: Empowering the trader in an automated world

This paper examines the challenges brokers face in achieving optimal trading outcomes in a highly competitive marketplace where execution prowess is a key differentiator.


July 2015
White papers

What you see is not what you get: The challenge of truly ‘smart’ order routing

This paper lifts the lid on the real challenges firms face in achieving truly 'smart' order routing in today's ever-changing multi-market landscape and asserts that the SOR can add real value to the execution service for those that can understand the reliability of the data available and analyse market trends and microstructure.


June 2015
White papers

Lies, Damned Lies and IOIs?

This paper examines the issues surrounding IOIs and looks at some of the new approaches emerging in an effort to restore confidence in their use.


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