Trade - Improving productivity

Our advanced products and services cover the whole life cycle of the trading process for both the buy-side and sell-side, from low latency trading tools to settlement, compliance and risk management. By automating the entire workflow, we can improve your productivity, competitiveness and efficiency, while at the same time reducing both your costs and your risk.

We offer a seamless, resilient and integrated approach that can help smaller operators punch above their weight and yet still be effortlessly scaled up to match even the highest volumes and the most sophisticated needs. Comprehensive connectivity to an unrivalled global community of buy-side institutions, brokers and trading venues comes as standard.

Fidessa is the only trading platform you'll ever need.

Invest - Setting new standards

From the decision to buy or sell, through executing the order, to clearing and settling the trade, we have the tools that can make the whole process simpler, smarter and more efficient. Wherever you are in the investment cycle, we have the leading-edge systems to help you do your job better.

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