We believe that global investment will become increasingly fluid and that the amount of capital flowing, and the speed with which that capital flows, will continue to increase.

We believe that investors providing capital will want easy access to a wide range of different financial instruments and investment strategies on a global basis. This need will be met by a community of financial firms of different sizes and with different specialisations. All these firms will come under increasing pressure to provide their services in an efficient and cost-effective way and we believe that much of the burden for achieving this will fall on the technology and services these firms are using.

As a result, this community will require a range of tools which support their business processes, which work together, which enable connectivity to other participants in the marketplace, and which provide access to all the information they need. These tools will also give firms the flexibility they need to enable them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and will allow access to a broad pool of applications and business services offered by third parties. Thus our vision is of:

We are a technology orientated Company with a passion for delivering high quality solutions to business   problems.

"A coherent range of flexible financial applications and business services, working together to automate the business flows within the financial community and to inform that community, making it easier to buy, sell and own financial assets of all types on a global basis."