Company Culture

Fidessa has very high standards. There is a 'can do attitude' coupled with the sense of always being ready to 'go the extra mile' for the success of the company. No-one has ever been told off for trying something new here. There is a palpable sense of pride in the technical expertise and solutions on offer, plus the kudos from being part of, enhancing and maintaining the reputation of the company in the marketplace.

The vision at Fidessa is of offering a coherent range of flexible financial applications and business services, working together to automate business flows - both within and between financial firms - making it easier to buy, sell and own financial assets of all types globally.

Essentially, the company's mission is to establish our solutions and become the leading provider of workflow solutions for both the buy-side and sell-side covering the key asset classes required. As we move forward it will always remain vital to ensure we do not lose focus on maintaining a leading presence within the markets where we've already been successful.

Fidessa's culture can be summarised as being a technology-oriented company with a passion for delivering high-quality solutions to business problems. It is freethinking and does not believe in rigid structures or tight controls where these limit its ability to be innovative and adaptable. Teamwork rules while there is still acceptance of responsibility as individuals for everything done - ensuring quality and protecting the interests of Fidessa, its customers and its shareholders.

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"Fidessa is an equal opportunities employer. We recognise that diversity of cultures, backgrounds, nationalities and ideas enriches the working environment and is important to the long-term prosperity of our business."